About me

I believe that making jewelry requires patience, precision and a love for fashion.

The brand ‘Branic jewelry’ was created with that combination by Jovana Branic, a designer and student of fashion design at the Faculty of Digital Arts, University Metropolitan.

I started making jewelry in high school as a hobby in 2012, soon I realized that the creative process was something I highly enjoyed and it grows into something I must do. Femininity is an imperative of every piece I design, and what I pay special attention to is the quality of craftsmanship and authentic packaging. You can wear Branic piece of jewelry also with a daily casual outfit, all you need is courage and self-confidence.

Branic jewelry is inspired by different Art movements, traveling and feminine beauty as such.

Fashion is my life’s calling was influenced by the knowledge that my great-grandfather Branislav was a tailor in Paris.
My father first got a surname by his first name so I decided to call the brand ‘Branic’.

Today I also cut cloth patterns with scissors and sews on the machine my great-grandfather used to work with while in Paris in the mid-20th century. He was employed at tailor-made atelier Saphirbleu at 37 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, Paris where they also received orders from fashion brands like Chanel, Madeleine Vramant, Leticia, etc.

Along with the jewelry, the female label of clothing will soon be created from the great-grandfather’s machine.


*Humanitarian Fashion show on the occasion of World AIDS Day – Supermarket concept store, Belgrade

*Collaborations with corset designer Vilena Viscaria, photographers Nicola Cubrilo, Alexander Mils

*In 2014 actress Jelena Gavrilovic wore Branic earrings with Ana Tara Radonjic’s dress for the TV show TLZP (“Your Face Sounds Famous”)

*In 2015 a custom made jewelry collection for Tamara Pavicevic’s fashion show at Belgrade Fashion Week

*In 2016, a five-month collaboration with presenter Lea Kis for the TV show “Sunday afternoon with Lea Kis” on TV Pink.

*2016-today photo shootings with Miss of traveling Sara Stojanovic, journalist Zorica Radulovic and bloggers including Cristina Gheiceanu, Laura Topa, Ana Vranjes, Marija Jeremic, Marija Lakic, Jovana Arsic, Jovana Pavlovic, Jelena Basevic.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to work with us, please feel free to contact us.