Branic Jewelry

I believe that beauty should evoke a series of inexplicable joyful feelings in a person.
Beauty awakens and overwhelms us, but what keeps us going “radiates” from within.

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100% Authentic

Femininity is the imperative of every piece I design and the inspirations come from different Art movements, traveling and feminine beauty as such.

Handmade Jewelry

Each Branic jewelry piece is made by hand with a lot of patience and attention. Special emphasis on the handmade is also highlighted by the custom created packaging.

Worldwide Shipping

We can ship your nicely packed Branic jewelry worldwide with a delivery time of 2 to 15 days.


Jewelry pieces from collections ‘Baroque’, ‘Crystal eyes’ or ‘Frost’ can be worn for special occasions as well be combined with daily casual outfits. All you need are boldness and confidence.

Crystal Eyes

The Crystal eyes collection is inspired by the most diverse women, the beauty we read in their authentic eyes and the colors they emit from the inside.

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